About Coach Breaux

My name is Rylan Breaux and I’m a 6th grade science teacher at Smithson Valley Middle School. In addition to teaching science, I coach baseball, basketball, and am the NJHS sponsor for SVMS.

I’m from Orange, Texas- where the Gulf Coast, the Piney Woods, and the Louisiana border all meet. I grew up playing baseball, raising animals, and spending time outside! Those are still my favorite things to do! I love getting to be the baseball coach for the middle school and I also work with students outside of school with lessons. I have a dog named Oliver. And MANY classroom pets.

My favorite hobby is to be outside at the river… or near any body of water! I love to sit in the river with a good book and hang out with my friends.

This is my third year teaching at Smithson Valley and I love what I do! Everyday I get to go to work, hang out with 6th graders, and nerd out about science. This is a dream!