BLL Helper

The purpose of this service opportunity is to serve our community through Little League! Thousands of people pass through Fossil Creek Pools Ball Park each season and we want to help make sure it's clean and inviting for everyone who comes through.

If you sign up, please read below for instructions!

When you arrive to the ballpark, please check in with the Board Member on Duty (aka BMOD. They wear red shirts that identify them). They will let you know what they need help with during your time there. It could be anything from picking up trash around the park, emptying trash cans, helping stock the bathrooms, etc. After you check in, there is a blue bucket inside the concession stand that says "SVMS NJHS". Inside are blue vests to wear while you are there. There are also gloves, trash grabbers, and sun screen. Please be sure to wear the blue vest so the BMOD can easily identify you. 

Don't forget to submit your hours after you complete a shift!