It's our favorite time of the year!

That's right! It's time to go to Schlitterbahn! Every year, our 6th grade students are able to attend a field trip to the New Braunfels waterpark. Sixth grade year is arguably one of the most difficult for middle school students. They have to navigate a bigger campus, make new friends, learn how to handle more responsibility, and manage a hectic schedule. We love getting to celebrate the end a BIG year!

How Is Eligibility Earned?

To be eligible for for the Schlitterbahn field trip, students will need to meet certain behavior and academic expectations during the second semester. 

1. Students may not have more than 5 unexcused absences. (1 absence = 7 class periods)

2. The student may not have more than 2 office referrals this semester. The student may not have any suspensions from school this semester.

3. The student must pass the 3rd nine-weeks and must be passing on the 4th nine-weeks grade check on April 19th, 2024.

*If a student does not pass the 3rd nine weeks grading period, they are able to regain eligibility by passing all classes on the 4th nine weeks grade check on April 19th, 2024.

*Students who receive special services and don’t meet the eligibility requirements will be given consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the cost?

A: With our discount, the cost of the field trip is approx. $36. Payment wil be collected at a later date. Students who have a Season Pass will be able to use them instead of purchasing admission.

Q: Where do I drop off/pick up my student?

A: Students will still be dropped off and picked up at the normal time and place. We will depart for Schlitterbahn around 8:45a and will return to SVMS around 3:30p.

Q: Can I be a chaperone?

A: Information about chaperones will be sent out closer to the date of the trip. We will be needing about 30 chaperones who will help out at the water park!

Q: Food?

A: Money collected by the school is for admission into the park only. Students are encouraged to pack a lunch (Schlitterbahn allows personal size bags and coolers) or bring money to purchase food and beverages. Please note that schlitterbahn is a cashless park. SVMS is not responsible for keeping up with money, debit, or credit cards. Cash can be transferred to a card at the waterpark.

Q: Cellphones/valuables?

A: The field trip is on a school day and the school cell phone rules are still applicable. Students will not be permitted to use phones on the trip. It is HIGHLY suggested that all cellphones and valuables are left at the school or home. 

Q: Dress Code:

A: Students will need to come to school in normal school dress code. Swim suits may be worn to school, but school appropriate clothes must be worn over until we arrive at the waterpark. 

At the waterpark, one or two-piece swim suits may be worn. Attire must be modest and cover private areas of the body.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Breaux!


Eligibility Acknowledge Form:

(Due January 12th, 2024)